Amy Bourbon


During my time at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, I began to realize the feelings of homesickness I felt were of great value. Growing up in Brewster allowed me to appreciate the uniqueness of the Cape. The things I missed most about home began to influence the work I was creating whether it was from quiet walks in the woods, observing the changing coastline, or being able to look up at the end of the day at the sky full of stars.
After moving back to Brewster, I’ve continued to include these inspirations into my pottery. When I am working in my studio, I keep in mind that the forms I’m creating may appear complete, but have great potential for change. Through small gestures, the energy of anything can be reinvigorated whether it’s structural or on the surface. Pieces of an original form can be taken away and given back; a change we see every day in shifting sands.