Ken Klapproth

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Shaker Boxes Your Treasures Deserve

Solopreneur, inventor, lifelong maker, and Founder of, Ken handcrafts museum quality, bentwood keepsake boxes for the most discerning clientele from workshops in Mendon and Eastham.  KHK Woodworks was founded upon the simple mission of handcrafting wooden Shaker boxes, elegant in every detail, that are worthy of the valuable contents people want to preserve or display.

Based on historically documented oval box plans from the Canterbury Shaker community dating back to 1798, Ken’s boxes blend time honored craftsmanship with contemporary functionality for modern application.  Working with hands and heart using locally acquired and sustainable materials, Ken seeks to support a small community of dedicated craftsman committed to supplying the world with products of natural beauty.

Unlike other box makers, he saws all wooden components from locally harvested hardwood trees.  This not only provides tighter control on the quality of material in use, but enables offering a variety of hardwood species others can’t match.  Selected from trees which may have otherwise been processed for firewood, Ken remains ecologically conscious in hand producing products of enduring beauty.

Customers rave about the quality, craftsmanship, and furniture-grade finish of all KHK Woodworks products.  Treat yourself or someone you love to something unique from our shop – you know you deserve it.