About Us

Coastal Craft Gallery was founded in 2009 when two local potters saw an opportunity and grabbed it.  Not interested in shouldering the burden of shop on their own, yet eager to create an environment that would support and encourage creativity, they reached out to other local artists and founded the Coastal Craft Gallery as a co-op of local artists and craftspeople.

Members of the Gallery are established local artists involved with a variety of Cape Cod arts organizations.  Most show and sell their work in other venues, both on and off Cape Cod.  Our ‘artist pages‘ will help you learn more about members and where you can find them when they’re not at Coastal Craft Gallery.

As a coop, each member shares the labor and responsibility of running the Gallery.  Each member pays monthly rent as well as a commission from their sales to cover gallery expenses – from rent and utilities, to gift bags and boxes.  Each member assumes responsibility for one or more ‘business’ function – display, scheduling, advertising, etc. And each member staffs the gallery one to four days each month.

Being a member provides local artists an affordable way to have ‘their own’ galley – a space where they can show and sell their work, experiment with new ideas, designs, and processes, and engage with the people who buy and enjoy their creations.

The Gallery provides locals and visitors an opportunity to shop where every item is locally made, every visit includes an encounter with one of our artists, purchases directly help to support local people living their passion.

Because members bring in new work frequently, you can expect to find something new each time you visit.  Many of our members offer commission and custom work, so if you don’t see exactly what you want, don’t be shy to ask whether it can be ordered.


                                                       Becoming A Member

Professional artists and craftsmen interested in becoming a cooperative member can contact Elizabeth Best at ejbcatstale@aol.com, stop by the shop, or click here for membership information.