Teresa Ellis Cetto



I have an intense love of the natural world.  I am a tree hugger and scientific illustrator gone jeweler.  I moved to the Cape in 1976 and became the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History illustrator and exhibit designer for 8 years after graduating from FSU.  I began working exclusively with silver and gold in 1986 after a 3 year apprenticeship with Melanie Kline of Sail On Silver Girl, Eastham.  I began using highly tarnish resistant Argentium sterling silver in 2003.  I created the copyrighted Horseshoe Crab design jewelry.  Using sea glass, beach stones, fossils and traditional gemstones add excitement and intrigue to my creations.

~Teresa Cetto aka Imaginings in Gold & Silver

For images of my most recent creations check out my page on Facebook-  Imaginings in Gold & Silver.

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