John Best

John Best is a long-time, multi-talented artist now living in Wellfleet on Cape Cod. For almost 40 years, he has been working as a glass artist along with his wife, Elizabeth, as half of Best Studios.

John has developed his own, unique style for working in the “stained glass”/copper foil technique.

“My goal is to feature a specific piece of art glass for it’s own natural artistic value. Each sheet of art glass is a potential work of art in itself. All that is missing is the artist to realize what is already there. Anything I create must retain the integrity of that sheet of art glass”

By working with the colors and movement put there originally by the glass maker, adding cuts and lines, glass nuggets, agates and other ‘found items”, John enhances the glass into beautiful expanded works of glass art.

“I look for sheets of glass that are one-of-a-kind sheets, hand wrought or hand blown wherever possible. I look for color, for movement or for whatever catches my interest. The glass makers know what I do and are usually very interested in having their glasses featured as I do.”

John creates glass jewelry boxes, stand sculptures and windows in his style. What is truly unique? Every piece is different; a design never to be duplicated and unless a specific shape and size is requested, the glass determines everything.

If this isn’t enough, John is also a life-long musician, performer, composer and producer, now working with his duo, “Black Whydah” with his 17th album in production. Most people would find this more than enough but John has recently become an independent author, now working on his third novel.

You can find John and Elizabeth’s work at their website: