Lisa Fox

The Lone Fisherman

White-line print Lisa Fox






Printmaking, Drawing, Painting, and Mixed Media 

The visual image can communicate much more than what I can articulate about my feelings and ideas. The outdoors, and living things, are inspirations for me that lend a narrative, and/or playful presentation, to my expression. I love looking at things from different perspectives and my 40 years teaching students in art has only encouraged that acceptance in my art making.

White-line printing is the majority of my work in the Coastal Craft Gallery at present and is a perfect medium to show how a scene or image can change with color or emphasis. This type of printing was invented here in the early 1900’s and is often spoken of internationally as the “Provincetown Print”. Printmaking is just one of my mediums for working and it is hard to confine myself, so my work does branch out to various forms of painting, drawing, and papers that expand on my love of nature and the beauty of Cape Cod.  Learn more about Lisa’s background and affiliations on her Arts Foundation of Cape Cod members’ page.

Rose Hips and Salt Air


                   Ornaments for Charity