Barbara Ehle

BEACH BEAUTIES offers an eclectic mix of one-of-a-kind wire wrapped art, combining treasures combed from the beach with recycled glass and luminous crystal beads.

Artist Barbara Ehle creates functional wire art ranging from patio, garden, and window sculptures to a variety of beach-treasure and jewel-encrusted glassware.

Barbara is a self-taught artist and has been combing beaches around the globe for fifty years, carefully collecting driftwood, beach glass, shells, and wampum.  For the last twenty years Barbara has been designing both whimsical and elegant creations from her found beach treasures, using a variety of wires twisted and hammered with flowing curves reminiscent of the swirl of the ocean waves.  Each piece is organically created and takes on a life of it’s own, thus not revealing itself until completed.  Barbara’s distinctive and unique creations are a celebration of combining function and beauty with an homage to the natural world.

A sampling of Barbara’s work can be viewed on her website: