Lucy Jalbert

Lucy Jalbert owner of “Lucy J. Glass” spent her early years growing up all along the East Coast eventually settling on Cape Cod in 1988, and marrying David Jalbert.

Lucy’s passion for art began in grade school and she graduated from The Jewelry Institute in Providence, RI.

Lucy began to sell her jewelry designs and glasswork at craft fairs and shows on 
Cape Cod, and became a member of The Artisan Guild.  She opened her home studio in Eastham, in 2000 and through word of mouth became a successful business owner.

In 2015 she joined Coastal Craft Gallery and is committed to the cooperative spirit of Coastal Craft Gallery finding inspiration and motivation in working with fellow artists.

Lucy looks forward to every day in the studio, making art pieces — from unique jewelry, to creative fused glass pieces to stained glass custom windows, and more.  She feels so blessed being able to make a living doing what she loves to do and sharing with others.